image Tricia Vetrone | Photography

 Erhard, Minnesota

image Timothy Briner | Photography

 Chesterton, Indiana

image Alex Roulette | Painting

 Columbus, Ohio

image Nate Burbeck | Painting | tumblr

 Minneapolis, Minnesota

image Noah Vaughn | Photography | tumblr

 Chicago, Illinois

fly over art is 1 year old

yesterday fly over art turned 1 year old. to be honest, when this whole thing started this mark would’ve been completely unexpected.  thanks to all of our followers and many kind supporters (you know who you are), we couldn’t have done it without you!

and a special thanks to all of the artists we’ve featured. keep doing what you do to make the world a more beautiful place.

image Angela Strassheim | Photography

 Bloomfield, Iowa

image Asia Ward | Sculpture

 Minneapolis, Minnesota

image Eric Ogden | Photography

 Flint, Michigan

image Amanda Boe | Photography

 Sioux Falls, South Dakota

image Amy Casey | Painting | Zg | Video Interview

 Cleveland, Ohio

image Mark Regester | Photography | flickr

 St. Louis, Missouri

image Peter Hoffman | Photography

 Lisle, Illinois

image Kristy Carpenter | Photography | tumblr

 Bronson, Michigan

cheesepineapplesandwiches said: Where is that half demolished building?

It’s in Chicago, can’t you tell (with the Hancock Center in the background)? Although the half demolished building itself is probably totally demolished by now, since that photo was taken several years ago.